Edward white marble dining Table

The Edward white marble dining Table will inspire you to show off your entertaining skills and invite your friends and family to dine with you at this alluring dining table. Its modern design is graceful yet substantial in style and presence. As far as stylish dining tables go, this one raises the bar for modern elegance

Tables with marble base legs in multiple marble finishes and polished steel bottom details.

Top in any available natural stone finish with thin knife edge or boxed edge

818/L Rectangular dining Table 1600*900*760 63*35*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/M Rectangular dining Table 1800*900*760 71*35*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/P Rectangular dining Table 2000*1000*760 79*40*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/S Rectangular dining Table 2200*1100*760 87*43*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/Q Rectangular dining Table 2400*1200*760 95*47*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/R Rectangular dining Table 2600*1200*760 102*47*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/T Rectangular dining Table 2800*1200*760 110*47*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/U Rectangular dining Table 3000*1200*760 118*47*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
818/SQ Square Dining Table 1200*1200*760 47*47*30 Boxed edge 8cm (3”)
Boxed edge 8cm (3”) can be changed to Reverse beveled edge 6cm (2”+1/3)

white marble dining Table

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Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 200 × 100 × 76 cm