Round Marble Dining Set

it is suitable for big dining room, and you need to measure the size which is suitable to put into dining room


Round Marble Dining Set

10 Seater Round Black Marble Dining Table Set

A statement piece and in contrast to most of our other designs in the travertine collection.

wholly embraces the striking nature of sharp and clean compositions to create a handsomely strong silhouette.

Its perfect proportion easily commands a presence in any space.

Available in Silver or White Travertine stone.

A large hand-crafted dining table using black marble, not just a practical, strong and beautiful table.

but a wonderful, artisan created piece that will be a talking point for your décor. Seating 8 to 10 people in comfort, the elegant lines and stunning marbling of this dining table work in harmony with any room, making every meal feel like an event.

With natural materials sourced from around the world and the intricacy of the craftsmanship from specialised artisans, every marble dining table is unique, adding to the exclusivity of this amazing dining table. Enjoy your meal around this hand-crafted dining table and experience the luxurious experience for yourself.

919/L Round dining Table Diameter 1200*760 47*30 Round edge
919/M Round dining Table Diameter 1300*760 51*30 Round edge
919/P Round dining Table Diameter 1500*760 59*30 Round edge

Inherently crafted for enduring permanence, our handcrafted pieces are meant to enjoy a long life span.

When moving our furniture, it’s essential to avoid dragging them across the floor, as this could potentially damage the connections between various components, leading to harm.

Always opt to lift each piece from a sturdy edge and transport individual parts separately, ensuring the safety of the item and preventing any breakage during transportation.

specifications of Round Marble Dining Set

specifications of Round Marble Dining Set

specifications of Round Marble Dining Set

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Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 180 × 760 cm