Beige Travertine Dining Table

This is a large item; measure your space carefully to ensure it will fit in your home

Travertine is hand-sanded, polished and waxed for a smooth, glossy finish with visible texture
Inherent variations in the Travertine surface texture lend character to each table; no two will be exactly alike

Travertine is a natural stone and characteristically slightly pitted. Pits on the
tabletop are typically smaller, and left untouched to preserve the stone’s natural
beauty, and fill larger holes.
Avoid placing sharp or heavy objects on the surface as all natural stone is porous
and requires TLC in order to prevent nicks, stains, or scratches.
This product pack in a wooden crate. we are recommend tools for unboxing.
Please note that each will be unique as stone is a natural material with variations.

Beige Travertine Dining Table For indoor use only
48″ table seats up to 4
60″ table seats up to 6
72″ table seats up to 8

868/L Round dining Table Diameter 1200*760 48*30 Round edge
868/L Round dining Table Diameter 1500*760 60*30 Round edge
868/M Round dining Table Diameter 1800*760 72*30 Round edge


specifications of Beige Travertine Dining Table

specifications of beige travertine dining table

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Dimensions 150 × 75 cm