Round Travertine Dining Table

Round Beige Travertine Dining Table pays homage to the organic beauty of the travertine stone. The multilayered beige tone of this natural material, combined with the subtle fluted design, results in a beautifully elegant silhouette that easily wins hearts. With fine craftsmanship and remarkable versatility,Round Beige Travertine Dining Table is one you will always adore. Available in 3 styles: side table, round dining table, and oval dining table.

A statement piece and in contrast to most of our other designs in the travertine collection,wholly embraces the striking nature of sharp and clean compositions to create a handsomely strong silhouette. Its perfect proportion easily commands a presence in any space. Available in Silver or White Travertine stone.

Material & Feature:

  • Beige Travertine stone sourced from Italy
  • Honed finish
  • Base has a hollowed core with protective fabric on the underside, ideal for all types of floor surfaces
  • Simple assembly required
  • Indoor use only
  • Travertine is a natural stone and characteristically slightly pitted. Pits on the tabletop are typically smaller, and left untouched to preserve the stone’s natural beauty, and larger holes are filled.
  • Please note that each will be unique as stone is a natural material with variations.
  • Avoid placing sharp or heavy objects on the surface as all natural stone is porous
    and requires TLC in order to prevent nicks, stains, or scratches.
    This product pack in a wooden crate. we are recommend tools for unboxing.
  • Picture Table size is 1200*760 MM, if you need more sizes as below, please contact us with email or whatsapp .Thanks very much .
    808/L Round dining Table Diameter 1200*760 47*30 Round edge
    808/M Round dining Table Diameter 1300*760 51*30 Round edge
    808/P Round dining Table Diameter 1500*760 59*30 Round edge

specifications of Round Beige Travertine Dining Tablespecifications of Round Beige Travertine Dining Tablespecifications of Round Beige Travertine Dining Tablespecifications of Round Beige Travertine Dining Table

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Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 120 × 76 cm